Born in Poughkeepsie, New York and now settled in San Jose, California, with his wife Jennifer and daughter Jasmine,...Doug Vincent is a high tech security professional, small business owner, and now a children's book author! Doug and his family are active in the community and work hard to influence positive change. Writing these books are another way to accomplish that objective.


Kelly Glielmi is an independent artist from New Rochelle, New York with a BFA in Digital Art and Animation from the New York Institue of Technology.  As an artist, Kelly is well versed in both traditional and digital art and strives to create illustrations and animations that are imaginative and orginal.  Kelly's speciality lies in character concepting and storytelling.

Confidence Is Key To A Stronger Me is a book about finding confidence in your thoughts, words, and appearance.  It is not easy to find confidence in challenging situations, so it is our hope that this book opens the door to the discussion about it.

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